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One Quick Question Tarot Reading

One Quick Question Tarot Reading


This reading offers ONE Question (Please do NOT try and cram "a bunch of little questions into one question"). I will only read for ONE question.


When wording your question, it is important that you state your questions specifically. For example:


1. I am interested in moving to a new state (or country, etc). Will this move to (name of place) bring more success and happiness?


2. What do you see in terms of me and (name of person)'s relationship? (state their relation to you (child, relative, friend, romantic, etc).


3. Do you see my finances improve during the next (state time frame-2 months, 6 months, etc)?


(ALL TAROT READINGS WILL BE DONE EMAIL ONLY). My tarot readings are  not just "one sentence readings". For this spread there will be three cards for each question. Note: THERE IS NO SHIPPING (even if during checking out, shipping will be marked "FREE" due to all readings will be sent by email). Please make sure the email is VALID before emailing me your question/s! Thank you


*All readings take 2-9 days before being sent to you