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  • Where Did Feng Shui Come From And How Can It Help Me?
    Feng Shui was developed thousands of years ago in China. The study of chinese metephysics and science of energy ("chi") was born. People started to use Feng Shui and science of energy to consider architectural features (meaning the placement of stoves, fireplaces, bedrooms, main entry ways, etc, even landscaping and landforms to determine the best balance of energy.) Grand Master Lin Yun had developed the modern Feng Shui known as "Black Hat" Feng Shui around the 1960s/1970s. But the original classical Feng Shui that was originally taught, came from a very special Grand Master Tang Wang Yu and his remaining textbook info that was given only to the very wealthy and hidden from the rest of the public. The information is now taught to students all over the world (mainly schools outside the USA) as this information and secret of chinese science has been proven over and over to increase luck with money, health, relationships, and business. Classical Feng Shui is not as widely used these days. But many classical feng shui master teachers have spread their wonderful gold knowledge to their students and clients to help them learn how to acheive the goal of balanced life energy within their home and relationships.
  • Why Do I Need To Use A Compass ?
    In Classical Feng Shui, it is important to use a good compass to find out the home or building's "facing" direction because it "unlocks" the secret of your home's permenant chart that tells you about each area of your house, specific family members, areas associated with the body parts, your money areas (yes, there is more than just one money area!). It also unlocks the important information about whether your house or business building generates wealth and even more importantly, it can tell you where your permanent negative areas are which can hinder and delay your chances for happiness in love, romance, money, etc. Not all houses are created equally (unlike most of the Feng Shui that is being taught these days). When using a compass, you are also unlocking your 24 mountains and 8 mansions (other important factors in Feng Shui audits).
  • What Is A "House Chart" and "Annual Flying Stars"?"
    Once a consultant finds out what your house or building's compass direction is, we then take a look at your home's permanent flying star chart (the areas of your home's permanent energy based on the period of the home and renovation dates, etc). These areas will tell a story and future predictions depending on the timely/untimelyness of the number combinations in each sector (your North, South, SE, SW, NE, NW, West, etc). The Annual Flying Stars are different (they change around every single year to different areas, whereas, your home's chart will stay the same) meaning, that the Annual stars can either help or hurt your home's chart's energy. There's many different layers of classical feng shui that unlocks all the secrets and information about your home!
  • Does Feng Shui Cure All My Problems 100% Once I Feng Shui My Home?
    No. But it can lesson the probability of the negative things to happen as well as increase the probability of the positive things happening. Feng Shui is never a 100% "cure all" but it can help all areas of your life. YOU would still need to take care of YOUR health or work on YOUR relationships, etc. Everything is energy. Energy is constantly shifting and moving. Just how cleaning your house creates positive energy, because clutter creates STAGNANT negative energy. STRESS also causes negative energy. Just how people use relaxation, Yoga, meditation, and exercise to relieve stress for example, Feng Shui can create a more balanced energy in your home just by readjusting your landscaping and placing elements in certain areas while weakening negative areas in your home as well.
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