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Raelene has been giving Tarot readings for 19 years, Numerology & Astrology for 17 years, Classical Feng Shui 5 years. She has also worked on other psychic websites before with credible consistent 5 star ratings.

Raelene has extensive experience in the following:

Tarot Readings

Love, Luck, Career, Finance, etc readings advise on all matters of life and answers

all your personal questions.





Astrology Readings

Taking you the furthest into your future.  Astrology chart readings are extensive

and highly detailed, tapping into all areas

of your planets for detailed information.


Numerology Readings

With Numerology, find out how your personal life path number, personal months ,days and even the vibration of your home intertwine with your future

and everyday life.



Classical Feng Shui

Providing detailed reports on advanced

Feng Shui to provide insight and advice 

on elements, annual star directions to 

create a safe haven, increase finances, 

and better energy.


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